Ma Kana wama Yakun

Ma Kana wama yakun


About Muhammad Javed Iqbal Kaleem

A Reading, writing hobbyist. Like to exchange views so that informed decisions are made possible and the persistent false propaganda of the powers that be could be countered. I am a great believer in collective conscience of humanity as mankind has been bestowed with the capability to distinguish between good and bad. I am open to new views and ideas.
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29 Responses to Ma Kana wama Yakun

  1. Najm Us Saqib نے کہا:

    i need the bo o k of asrar Alam "”Maa Kaana wamaa Yakoono Kindly send me this book

    . on the following address… Village and PO Nasar Pur Tehsil and Distt Peshawar.—————————————————————————————————……..Assalamualaikum… Dear sir i can afford the post as well as TCS charges. its up to you…

  2. Talha ahmed نے کہا:

    ?Sir could younolease send me a copy if makana wama yakun

  3. Aqheel نے کہا:

    jawed saab…can you please send me pdf file of maa kana wama yakunu…at the following email…

  4. شعیب احمد نے کہا:

    اسلام علیکم ۔۔ پلیز مجھے اس بک کی کاپی سینڈ کردیں ۔۔ میرے پاس اس کتاب لے علاوہ ان کی ساری بکس ہیں ۔۔ میرا اڈریس ہے ۔۔ R-58 karachi university employes coopretaive housing society gulzar e hijri karachi
    Mobile : 03313710686

    • Muhammad Javed Iqbal Kaleem نے کہا:

      کیاآپ کے پاس دجال اکبر اول اور دوم ہے۔اس میں آخری کتاب بہت اہم ہے اور موجود ہ دور پر محیط ہے۔
      جاوید کلیم

    • Muhammad Javed Iqbal Kaleem نے کہا:

      سلام علیکم۔ میں نے کتابیں آپ کو بھجدی ہی۔ لیکنن نہ تو آپ نے ملنے کی تصدیق کی اور
      نہ ان کی قیمت ادا کی۔

  5. shariq aqeel نے کہا:

    جناب والا اس کتاب کا دوسرا حصہ جسکو محور ثانی کہا جاتا ہے کیا آپ کے پاس موجود ہے

  6. saima zahid نے کہا:

    ye book inter net per kahan se mily gi plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ager kisi ko pata hy tu bata dy thanxxxxx

  7. Zain نے کہا:

    Assalam o allakum wr wb.
    I have an islamic store in Lahore, DHA with the name of AlQuran Center. Where you can find everything that is related to Islam. I have actually been searching for this book for the past few months, but unfortunately couldn’t get my hands on it. So i was told, if i place my request on this website, i might be able to get this book. So plz update me with the current availbility of this book, and plz call me asap so that we could explore mutual business oppertunities. JazzakALLAH khaira.

  8. tanzeel ur rehman نے کہا:

    my postal address is H # 3973 mohallah mughlan bazar e kalan peshawar.

  9. Mateen Ahmad نے کہا:

    Sir i would be thankful if you could send me a copy of this book contact me on this number 03012536907

  10. Tanzeel Ur Rehman نے کہا:

    Asalaamualaikum Javed sahib. i hope you will be in good health. i really want to read one of Asrar Alam’s books namely ” Ma Kana Wama Ya kun” which is not uploaded either in pakistan tube nor in urdu can you please send me the link where i can read or download this book. God bless you. I will be waiting for your response.Best Regards.

  11. tanzeel ur rehman نے کہا:

    sir how can i purchase the book ma kana wama yakun by asrar alam.

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