A Short History of Islam – Karen Armstrong

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Karen Armstrong is a miraculous lady as far as writing books is
concerned. In a short period of time she has written many books as
if she is an institution all by herself. She writes well, is fair, well at least
she pretends to be and keep churning out books one after another. I
only wish we had one such writer. But as Iqbal has put it:

Har koi gharqe maey zauqe tan aasani hai !
Tum musalman ho Yeh andaze Musalmani hai?

( Everyone is immersed in the wine of easy life
Are you a Muslim, Are Muslims like this?)

Her book ” A short history of Islam ” seems to defend Islam. But
attacks the basic fact that Muhammad (SAW) was a direct descendant of
prophet Abraham. As all Jewish writers boast, God Almighty chose only
the Jews to bestow guidance to them and rest of mankind only have stolen
their books. So she has given the impression that Muhammad SAW linked
his relatively new belief system to Abraham (A.S) only to give it authenticity.
Ms Armstrong willfully ignored the fact that in Arabia the genealogy is
memorized by all and sundry as sense of belonging is a great factor of
social recognition.

She has done the painstaking job of Islamic chronology. She has given
due importance to Syed Qutub, but paid little attention to Syed Maududi. She
has mentioned Ayub Khan and Ziaul Haque as prime ministers. But has clearly
identified the former as stalwart of secularism in Pakistan and the later as harbinger
of Islamic Shariah.

Merely at Rs 300 the book is a bargain

Muhammad Javed Iqbal


About Muhammad Javed Iqbal Kaleem

A Reading, writing hobbyist. Like to exchange views so that informed decisions are made possible and the persistent false propaganda of the powers that be could be countered. I am a great believer in collective conscience of humanity as mankind has been bestowed with the capability to distinguish between good and bad. I am open to new views and ideas.
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2 Responses to A Short History of Islam – Karen Armstrong

  1. ussama نے کہا:

    ?Is it avaible in Urdu zuban

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