Kahe Faqir – 2

About Muhammad Javed Iqbal Kaleem

A Reading, writing hobbyist. Like to exchange views so that informed decisions are made possible and the persistent false propaganda of the powers that be could be countered. I am a great believer in collective conscience of humanity as mankind has been bestowed with the capability to distinguish between good and bad. I am open to new views and ideas.
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52 Responses to Kahe Faqir – 2

  1. Kamran کہتے ہیں:

    Salam Javid Saheb
    I received the book today and like to thank you personaly one more time, please advise me if there are any more books from the same author coming soon.

  2. Kamran کہتے ہیں:

    Hello Javed Saheb the no you gave me is not correct pls check and confirm.

  3. Kamran کہتے ہیں:

    Hello javed sahib here is my address2345 Truscott Drive Apt#102 Mississauga Ontario L5J 2B1 Canada my phone number is 416 732 1829.Thanks

  4. Kamran کہتے ہیں:

    Ok Thanks, You have my address right!!

  5. Kamran کہتے ہیں:

    reference number was given above but here you go again 516-183-9348

  6. Kamran کہتے ہیں:

    Hello Javid sahib it was sent by western union you can go to any western union office I think there is one near Masjid baitul mukram.kindly confirm to me when received.

    • Javed کہتے ہیں:

      I must have a reference to receive payment otherwise anybody can claim from them. I have received payment by western union several times but ONLY after receipt of a reference from the sender.

  7. Kamran کہتے ہیں:

    No Javed sahib remittance was sent Rupees 3600.00 remittance number is 516-183-9348.

    • Javed کہتے ہیں:

      But where? To which account. Please check with your bank, I have not received any advice. Could you please name the bank through which I will receive the remittance.
      J a v e d

  8. Kamran کہتے ہیں:

    Janab no problem I will be sending you 3575 pkr today thru western union.

  9. Kamran کہتے ہیں:

    Thanks Javed sahib, I will send you the money PKR 2575 correct,tommorrow thru western union if the amount is more or less kindly inform me, my address is 2345 Truscott Drive unit 102,Mississauga,Ontario,L5J-2B1, Canada.
    Kamran Masood

  10. Kamran کہتے ہیں:

    I have also replied asking you to inform me where to send the money I need to know your your phone number and city where you live, I will send you the money.

    • Javed کہتے ہیں:

      Ok. Here is my mobile phone:
      9221 03333049311
      My name is Muhammad Javed Iqbal
      I live in D10-Karim Plaza, Gulshane Iqbal -14
      Karachi -75300
      You can send through Western Union. I shall send
      you the book the same day, IA.

  11. Javed کہتے ہیں:

    The courier charges of skyntet are Rs 2000 and
    price of book is Rs 575.
    Please send cash via western union and your postal address
    with phone no.
    Kamran Saheb
    This was my answer. Now ball is in your court.

  12. Kamran کہتے ہیں:

    I’m still waiting for your response thanks,

  13. Kamran کہتے ہیں:

    yes I will send you the money please provide me the details where do u live your phone number and Id number I will be sending the money thru western union from Toronto.
    Kamran Masood

  14. Kamran کہتے ہیں:

    Salam Javed sb,
    Can you send me this book to Canada Toronto.

  15. Javed کہتے ہیں:

    The courier charges of skyntet are Rs 2000 and
    price of book is Rs 575.
    Please send cash via western union and your postal address
    with phone no.
    J a v e d

  16. rizwan کہتے ہیں:

    Dear sir,
    I wish to buy this book .
    But I live in UK .
    Do you give postal services for abroad.

    I deeply appreciate your reply,

    Many thanks

    • Javed کہتے ہیں:

      Yes. There are two options. Pakistan Post Office which is cheaper, but
      a bit slow or Skynet, a courier company, which is expensive, but fast.

      Please send your postal address and contact phone.

      J a v e d

  17. Saeedullah Khan کہتے ہیں:

    masjid to bana dali shab bher ma eimaan kay hararat waloon na…….man apna porana papi ha ber soon main mosalman ban na saka

    This book is copyright why?

  18. Muhammed Raheel Khan کہتے ہیں:

    Javed sb is book ki scane copy ys pdf hai complte to send me Janab e aali


  19. hamid hameed sheikh کہتے ہیں:

    I read about half of this book and i got answers of many unanswered question from this.this book grab me. this book is a price less

  20. raja shakeel ahmed کہتے ہیں:

    Slam I want to buy kahe faqir,so i need postal address please

  21. Ehatsham کہتے ہیں:

    can i get your telephone nr . and email adres?


    Respected Sir, I want cell number of Sarfraz A Shah

  23. kamran کہتے ہیں:

    Rabi zadni Alma

  24. waseem ahmed کہتے ہیں:

    javed sb, can you post this book internationally? or where can i found it in europe? i can pay you the postal charges with price of the book?please reply. thanks

  25. sumaira کہتے ہیں:

    Hi could anyone tell me where I could get the urdu book kahe faqir. Thank you

    • Javed کہتے ہیں:

      It is priced at Rs 575 with a DVD.
      If you are interesed, I can send you if you can
      send your postal address.

      M J Iqbal

      • frostbite005 کہتے ہیں:

        please send me this book in my adress.i pay you as you want i live in spain barcelona .if give me fever thanx a lot

      • Umair Ali کہتے ہیں:

        ! Asalam-u-Alaikum Sir
        I want to buy this book KAHE FAQEER , is it possible if you can send it to my postal address i’ll surely pay the amount of RS 575
        My Postal Address is

        House No CB2837 Street No 1 Near Ara Machine Tahli Mohri Chowk Rawalpindi Cantt.

        Plz rply me as soon as possible

        Thank You
        Umair Ali

      • Javed کہتے ہیں:

        Ji zaroor. Aap barae meherbani kitab ki qimat bhijwaden

        MJ Iqbal,
        NID 42201-9154787-1
        Mobile 0333-3049311

        Postal charges ke saath Rs 625

        J a v e d

    • Javed کہتے ہیں:

      You can buy it from Urdu Bazar Karachi or Lahore. It is priced at Rs 575 with DVD

  26. angel کہتے ہیں:

    plz paste the link of this book for downloading

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