Shikaste Arzu – an introduction

                                      Shikaste Arzu,  A Marvellous New Book –  2

            The author of this book is Professor Dr Sajjad Husain. He was educated from UK and acquired doctorate in literature . He devoted his youth to Pakistan movement in East and West Bengal. He saw firsthand, the hegemonic mindset of West Bengal Hindu majority. Outnumbered and outgunned, Muslim Bengalis found hope in Quide Azam’s  promise of establishing a Muslim homeland in North West  and East India. He wrote articles in the Muslim press of Bengal, mostly in Akram Khan’s newspaper.

           He has pointed out that Bengal was an over populated area and the land was not sufficient to grow enough for the residents. Floods and rains brought  suffering every year. The locals did not have capital to invest in the industry, that could produce sustenance  for the populace and revenues for the government. Industrialists like Adamji and Isfahani did that. But Mujibur Rahman propagated against them alleging that they were sucking blood of east Pakistani people. These industrialists gave bags full of currency notes to Mujibur Rahman so as to appease him. Pakistani politicians were short sighted and wanted to please the  separatists instead of confronting them and pointing out  weakness of their stance. East Pakistan was producing  tea and jute which was capable of being exported and bring foreign exchange. But West Pakistan was also producing exportable like wheat, cotton, tobacco and vegetable ghee. So in actual fact West Pakistan had more exportable goods than East Pakistan.

       He has pointed out that Pakistani press was indifferent to the separatist  slogans of Awami League and failed to confront it. Pakistani politicians including Muslim league chose not to denounce  Awami League’s  6 points which were clearly against the  unity and integrity of the nation. Even today, our media is doing the same. A question irresistibly comes to mind; why Pakistani  journalists and writes who never fail to get their share of the cake, always fail to defend the interests of  Pakistan.  In India,  from leftists  to the rightists , all support unity of India and sovereignty of nation. But Pakistan intellectuals are so selfish and callous  one wonders why?

     The author has lamented the killings of Biharis first at the hands of West Bengali Hindus at the time of partition and then by goons of Awami League. May  Allah accept their sacrifices, Amen!

                                                                                   Muhammad Javed Iqbal



About Muhammad Javed Iqbal Kaleem

A Reading, writing hobbyist. Like to exchange views so that informed decisions are made possible and the persistent false propaganda of the powers that be could be countered. I am a great believer in collective conscience of humanity as mankind has been bestowed with the capability to distinguish between good and bad. I am open to new views and ideas.
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