Encounter With Dajjal the great – by Janab Asrar Aalam Saheb

Asrar Alam

Janab Asrar Alam is a lecturer in Aligarh Muslim University who devoted nearly 30 years of his life to study the end of time Signs from Quran and Hadith. Since Quran and Hadith pinpoint Jews to be in league with Dajjal (anti-Christ), he learned Hebrew to see what conspiracies they have hatched to create a rift between Christians and Muslims, so that followers of these great religions perish fighting each other and the Jews inherit the holy land by default.


His investigation and research has opened eyes of every Muslim who has cared to study his books. His works are numerous which have come true in the past 15 to 20 years. Most Pakistanis, especially our civil and military bureaucrats have not read Janab Asrar Alam. His views are righteous as he is a great admirer of Allama Iqbal, who had seen the conspiracies of Jews in early 20th century and had warned the Ummah about them:


فرنگ کی رگِ جاں پنجہ یہود میں ہے


            Most Pakistanis are proud about being the only nation to acquire the atomic bomb which is only a deterrent and cannot be used in warfare. The Jews, on the other hand, have produced Chemical, Gaiey and electronic weapons which they are using in Israel and are also selling them to India to use in Kashmir. Our top bureaucrats in foreign and defense ministries have failed to see the close cooperation of Israel with India against Pakistan. As a result, our adventure in Kargil won us the wrath of USA. Our top generals failed to analyze the tilt towards India in American policy.


          Similarly, our ruling elite are almost blind to the dynamic and ever changing policies of Jewry. Having realized that after all, Middle East is surrounded by Muslim nations, it is not safe to make the center of their planning in Israel. So they shifted their HQ to China, as the Chinese always obey their governments and never argue or criticize it. So Henri Kissinger went to see Chinese leaders and one laughs at the military leadership of the country, that General Yahya Khan facilitated his visit to China. Henri Kissinger offered technology and support to her, provided they liaise with the Jewish leaders. Then the center of gravity shifted to China from the USA, which has now become a second rate power and a bankrupt economy.  This could be confirmed from the fact that our new rulers Asif Zardari and Mian Nawaz Sharif first visited China and then went to USA.


      So I thought it is worthwhile to translate the findings of Asrar Alam Saheb into English, the language of our ruling elite. I hope educated and intelligent people, who have keen interest in success of the state of Pakistan, will read this brief, summarized translation of his book.


      معرکہ  دجال اکبر


تفکیر ‘  تدبیر اور تعمیل


جلد دوم


            Since things are pretty much in advanced stage that have made some of his predictions already out of date, so brothers and sisters who are interested, can visit a website where many of his books can be downloaded and read. Janab Asrar Alam is in hiding due to pressure of Indian intelligence agencies or has been picked up by them. More books of Janab Asrar Alam can be seen at:






           Since I am doing this translation in a hurry, kindly excuse any spelling or grammatical errors that I may have made. Still, I assure you that the subject matter is very important and those are weak at heart are advised not to read it.




I praise Allah and send salam on Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW.


The Ummat of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW is the last Ummat in mankind which has been blessed with the role of a witness, so the success of humanity depends on the success of this Ummah (nation).


Before reaching the end of 20th century, it had become pretty obvious that the prophecy of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW is about to come true according to which nations of the world will gather to invade you as hungry animals gather to eat their food.


In spite of this grave situation, what is more tragic is that Ummat-e-Muslimah, which is the only group of people who has been given sufficient knowledge, is wandering in the dark and begging for light from the darkness of the world. After 14 centuries, the Signs of the Last Day are fast appearing as if the thread of a tasbih is broken and each bead is falling one by one.


Under the circumstances, it was mandatory to investigate the situation deeply in the light of Quran and Hadiths so that things could be seen in a proper perspective. I hope this effort will enable the Ummah to achieve success so as to make the whole of humanity successful in the face of conspiracies. In view of the above, this series has been started in which details of various plans have been disclosed. May Allah bless this effort with success! 


Indeed He is near and responds!


                                                                                                      Asrar Alam








Preface to 2nd part


It is the great favor of Allah the Most High that this humble man is able to present the “Encounter with Dajjal the Great – Part II”.


The gravity of the situation is increasing day by day and with it the responsibilities of the Ummat. The gravity of the situation demands widespread impart of knowledge to important persons of the Ummah as well as to common Muslims. I, therefore, expect the readers to spread the word. May Allah accept this effort and bless it.


Allah is the Helper and upon Him I rely.


                                                                                           Asrar Alam






                                                 Signs of the Last Day


             The Day of Judgment, the wars before it and the tragedies that precede it are spelled in chapter Al-Kahf and Al-Araf of Holy Quran. These started during the lifetime of the last Holy Prophet SAW. The first link of it was the war of Badr, followed by Ghazwa Khyber, Ghazwa Fathe Makka, Ghazwa Hunain, Ghazwa Taif and Ghazwa Tabuk.


           However it was Ghazwa Khyber in which Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) participated personally, that the Jews wanted to kill the Holy Prophet SAW, aided by Satan. But seeing the strength of his character and Allah’s help, Satan evaded to fight till last, otherwise it would have ended right there. So Satan accepted a tactical withdrawal.  The coming of Imam Mehdi will be the start of the Ummat’s endeavor to defeat Satan and his ally the Dajjal akbar (Anti-Christ).


          This is the reason that the Holy Prophet SAW has called the last wars with Satan and Dajjal as the Ghazwa Hind, Ghazwa Rome and Ghazwa Masih-ad-Dajjal. Hazrat Imam Mehdi and Hazrat Isa (AS) will deputize Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW in those wars, so the participation of the Ummah will be like participating in a war attended personally by the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW. In order to eradicate corruption on earth, the following wars will have to be fought:




War with Dajjal


         War with companions of Moses, participants of the encounter of Madain, with the people of the elephants, the sons of rebellious angels, sons of Satan, the  encounter with Dajjal-e-Akbar and the last big war with Gog and Magog.


        The Ummat-e-Muslimah has been assigned the responsibility of establishing adl (justice) on earth and its protection.




2    Watchfulness (General & Special)                                        (al-Araf- 27  & Al-Anfal -60)


3    Preparedness ( Al-Anfal 60) and


4    Jihad  (At-Taubah)




   The Ummat was relieved of the above responsibilities. But after year 661 BCE the Ummat practically became a silent spectator of the demise of its institutions so painstakingly established by Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW. The responsibility of this slackness lies with the leaders of Ummah, its rulers, ulemaa and intelligentsia. The last two not only approved those actions of rulers but also provided them justifications for it. The ulemas, the shaikhs, and the workers of Islamic movement which have benefitted from Petro dollars have become crazy for money.


             The six corner star which has become a sign of the Jews has acquired superhuman powers in 1940. They have worked hard on science and technology to develop accelerated technology. Newton and Einstein helped in emulating nature. It seems unbelievable but it is true that the star power has succeeded in making artificial nature.


            The Jews have also succeeded in establishing a link with anti-Christ the great. They established a link with anti-Christ and made him their partner in fighting the force of Islam. It was a teleconference with Dajjal which took place between 1980-84.




According to Quran & Sunnat the theatres of war will be:




  1. Eastern Theatre
  2. Western Theatre
  3. Northern Theatre
  4. Southern Theatre
  5. Central Theatre
  6. Moon Theatre
  7. Solar Family Theatre


…And many more theatres.




The opponents will most likely be Romans i.e. Protestants


2  WASPS (Whites, Anglo Saxons and Protestants)


3  The yellow people like China, Korea and Vietnam and Tibetans


4  The progeny of people of elephants.




The weapons to be used are:




1    Conventional weapons


2    Nuclear weapons


3    Laser weapons


4    Kinetic Weapons


5    Chemical weapons


6    Bacteria weapon systems


7    Gaia weapons


–     Terra farming weapons that can make fertile lands barren


–     Terra deforming weapon system that can make lands fertile.


8    Space weapons systems


9    Star war weapons


10  Golem weapons will be millions of artificially made soldier-like robots.


11  Cyborg weapons


12  Logistic weapons


13  Counter personal weapons


14  Counter material weapons




Some terrifying weapons are Blunt Impact Projectiles, sponge grenades, sticky foam etc. – more weapons depending on acoustic, chemical, electrical, laser and kinetic systems.




According to an estimate by this humble being, the plan of Dajjal has started from 1923; its second phase started in 1948; the third in 1991; the fourth in 2001; the fifth in 2007 and so on. In 2012, the ninth phase had started and the 10th will start in 2015. It will end in 2058, according to the plan of star power.




The translator has learned that the world has been given to Jews through UNO from January 1, 2013 to test the sabr (patience) of Muslims. They are going to suffer till at least one Arab nation comes under the rule of Imam Mahdi. Then victory will start with the arrival of Hazrat Isa (AS), who is already on earth and will emerge when Dajjal appears.




Traditional ulemaa have played in the hands of rulers of Muslim nations who accept dictation from the powers that be. Allah raised great revivers like Abu Muhammad Hasan, Abu Abdullah Husain and Abdullah ibne Zubair who tried to stem the downfall of the Ummah, and last of the revivers was Allama Muhammad Iqbal RA. But maulvis did not recognize him and did not allow his message to be spread in the Ummah. If a collision with star power occurs, it is very likely that the Ummat will suffer defeat and face fragmentation.


In addition to destruction, one-fourth of the Ummah will be killed – that is, 300 million Muslims will lose their lives. Second, one-fourth of the people of the Ummah will become crippled and live worst life for five years and then die. Third, one-fourth will die in next 20 years. The rest will live like the worst nations of the world.




The identity of Islam will be lost and Islamic culture will end.




Neither political leadership, nor armies of the Ummah understands the situation that the Ummat is facing today.


So Muslims are totally unaware of the threats to their existence, what to talk about measures to defend themselves! The whole Ummah is unaware of the designs of star power. It cannot understand the economic and political designs of its enemies. This is the reason why the Ummah has faced so many defeats and surrenders in the last 400 years.






Criminal Negligence




The Satanic, Dajjali and Jewish alliance has been conspiring to defeat Muslims politically, militarily and strategically but Muslim leadership is totally unaware of the designs of its enemies. The preparations of their enemies can be judged from the fact that in each field a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10,000 persons are working on each task and there are one million such institutions. Their total annual budget is more than 3,000 trillion dollars. There are 500 such institutions whose budget far exceeds the annual budgets of Asian and African countries.






The blessed Holy Prophet SAW has warned the Ummah in clear words:




                                 “You will follow their footprints. Even if they entered in the hole of a lizard you too will follow them.”




It is an undeniable fact that the leadership of Ummah has renegade from the covenant of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW. The rulers deviated and the ulemaa and the intelligentsia provided them with justification, with the result that the Ummah has failed to undertake its responsibilities of establishing Shariat, and securing capability and preparedness for Jihad. Thus, the star power has succeeded in getting free hand to do what it likes to damage the unity of the Ummah and use its components against one another. It is surprising that even the saints and friends of Allah did not raise the hue and cry to warn the Ummah about the coming catastrophe. The most responsible for this are the ulemaa who have sold their conscience to rulers for money.




Its operational ignorance resulted in withdrawing from Jihad and establishment of Shari’a law. After 1900 AD this omission reached its lowest ebb. This is the reason that despite the selfless sacrifices made by a considerable number of Muslims, the Ummah had to see the face of defeat. Sincerity and love for Allah is different and giving up oneself for Jihad is different. Allah does not change His tradition of helping Muslims unless they give-up the practice of preparing properly for war. And because of this fact, the humble writer is afraid that if Star power imposes a war on the Muslim Ummah, the latter will be defeated and the defeat would be so disastrous that there is no such precedence in history.


The Ummat is unaware of grey zones and is also unaware of Actual Threats.


The Ummat is not familiar with Satanic, Dajjali, or star power theatres and their performance.


The Ummat does not know their planning and their alternate measures. 


What is more important is that if the star power corners the Ummah to a war, it will be destroyed completely within 20 years. This is a decisive dilemma which consists of 3 dimensions. The time dilemma here is that if it acts, it has no time to complete the task at hand and if it does not, it will be led invariably to total destruction.


Action dilemma can be understood from this example. A prisoner sentenced to death is given only a night to prepare for an MA exam and pass it to save himself from the death sentence.


Today’s dilemma is like Talut leadership (AlBaqrah:245:252). The Ummah is facing time dilemma, action dilemma and incumbency dilemma which are like insurmountable mountains.




The Biggest Ignorance


      After the caliphate of the Rightly Guided Caliphs ended, the whole Ummah became ignorant of its responsibilities. The rulers, the ulemaa and the intelligentsia all are responsible for this mountain of ignorance. The Quran warned clearly and the Holy Prophet (SAW) advised in open words against the tricks and conspiracies of Iblis. There are hardly 10 books in the last 1300 years which debate this in the light of the Quran and Sunnah. This ignorance, coupled with unawareness about the conspiracies of Dajjal and its supporters, the Jews, has caught the Ummah ill-prepared for facing the biggest danger of Dajjal. Only Tabri, Masoodi and Ibne Hazm wrote about this partially. No detailed analysis of the designs of the enemies of Islam was ever made. The result was that:




  1. The enemy of Allah was left alone to demolish the belief system of Allah (Islam) and wage a war against the Ummah, thus it was saved from any risk of reaction from over 1.5 billion strong Ummah. Following were the major steps that wrapped the Ummah in 800 times bigger chains.
  2. The Declaration of Balfour (1916), the League of Nations (1921), destruction of the Ottoman caliphate, World War II (1939-45), the establishment of UNO (1945), the establishment of Israel (1948), the war of Palestine (1948), the war of Suez (1956), the war of Palestine (1967), the murder of King Faisal (1975), Camp David Accord (1978), the Iran-Iraq War (1981-85), War of the Gulf (1981-85), War of the Gulf (1991), the 9/11 incident, the war on Afghanistan (2001) and the war on Iraq (2003) could not awaken the Ummah to identify its real enemy.


      Unless its leadership gains the capability to see its real enemy, it will only waste time by blaming the tools, rather than the real enemy. The Ummah’s survival depends on the identification of the real enemy and acting accordingly.




The Star Power


The powerful Star power consists of Supra Cosmos, Meta Cosmic, Cosmic, Super Global, Meta Global, Global, Supra International, International, Meta International, Quasi International and National-International organs. The Rockefeller foundation, Security Council, UNO and the multinational corporations are its tools.


Iblis, Dajjal and their followers are working day and night to hit the Ummah, which is totally unaware of the preparations of its enemies. The Star power has established 65 outer walls and all the Ummah has done is to struggle outside the 65 lines of defense created by this Star power.


The Star power has been working hard since 200 BC, when it started killing the messengers of Allah. It was the era in which Hazrat Yermiah, Hazrat Zakaria and Hazrat Yahya (AS) were martyred. It would have succeeded in killing Hazrat Isa (AS) on the cross, had Allah not saved him.




According to new strategy a Multi polar-pattern was adopted whose success brought continued stability and success. Center of Centers was divided into 4 centers :


1  Center of the Centers   Real


2  Center of the Centers   Dummy


3  Center of the Centers   Replaceable


4  Center of the Centers   Alternative.


The Star power has been shifting its locations for safety. Six periods of shifting have resulted in acquiring a fool-proof place of operation. Its places of action have been India, China and Europe. Its dynamic centers are Australia, Canada, China, Russia, Iraq, Armenia, Philippines, Japan, Mongolia, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Burma, Africa, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Tanzania, Kenya and Kazakhstan.


Its silent centers are Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, India, Central Asia, Korea, China, the Far East, Burma, West Africa and the shores of West Africa and Rome.




A Great Change


           The Star power is going through a deep change since 20th January 1961. In 2004 it has reached a point of split.


            However, the ignorance of the Ummah in this regard is dangerous and lamentable, into which its leadership – rulers, ulemaa, mashaikh and intelligentsia have lead it.


            The Star power met a debacle when a Roman Catholic Christian, J. F. Kennedy, became president of its key place of activity, the USA. It was a great setback for the Star power. In 1899 and in 1917 the Pope of Roman Catholics did silent prayers (maraqbah) for guidance in that era, from God. It was the time when the entire Muslim Ummah, with the exception of Allama Muhammad Iqbal, was sleeping a deep slumber. It thus failed to receive the message from the Highest of the High that the end of the caliphate and appearance of Dajjal were at hand.


             In Vatican, during the last worship of 1899, Pope Leo 13 became transfix. Then he revealed to 50 Cardinals the dialogue between God Almighty and Satan. The Satan declared its intention to utilize the next century in creating trouble and corruption in the world. (Leo XIII, Vision of diabolical dialogue).


In the second disclosure in Fatima (Portugal) from May to October, Virgin Mary appeared to Christian Children six times, in which she gave 3 messages. The third was most important: “I have come to cleanse Russia like a clean virgin heart.”


(Please see “Vatican Decree on Jacinta and Francisco Marto, Rome, Italy: Congregation for cause of the saints.) These two insights created a revolution in the Christian world. Thus the entire Christian world started its preparations to receive Jesus Christ.


The Star power felt an earthquake jolt when a Catholic Senator was elected president of the USA. What happened on 20th January, 1961 in USA and the world, was never imagined by the Star power. The clash between Christianity and Judaism which resulted in the victory of the latter after 500 years of struggle, took a new direction. Christianity was subdued, but was it again rising its head. The Star power gathered all its resources and started a new campaign against Christianity. It made two parts of its ruling brains:




  1. Structure
  2. Quasi Structure


This is the highest invisible body of the Star power. Its name is the United States of America. The people who know the power of star are aware of the fact that the US President is like a junior officer compared to the controlling authority of the Star power. This does not mean the US President is powerless. However, one can imagine the power of Star when he sees how he obeys his Jewish masters. For more info please read:


  1. “The Iron Triangle: Inside secret world of le Group: John Wiley & Sons, Hoboksen”
  2. “The politics of war: Harper & Row, New York”


In order to handle the crisis after Jan 20, 1961, the structure of the Star power made 4 types of plans for the future:


  1. Crisis Management 2. Crash Program
  2. Short Term Planning 4. Perspective Planning


In accord with the first plan, an attempt was made on the life of John F. Kennedy. For this purpose, it decided to include China in its planning. Henri Kissinger offered the making of the Atom Bomb and Hydrogen Bomb to Chinese leadership.


The planning was so perfect that the killer of President Kennedy was killed on the spot. The killer of the killer was arrested and was killed in jail. So the public could never learn who was behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.


It was further decided to create few crises (Multiple war crises). Four of those were:


  1. USA-Cuba-Russia
  2. China – India
  3. Greece-Cyprus- Turkey
  4. USA- Vietnam


Further crises were created in Iraq, Syria, Malaysia and Indonesia.


In USA the great Negro March came forward.


Financial and economic crises were also let loose and army revolutions were unleashed.


Societal Permissiveness was planned for the world that created moral decadence and Godlessness in the western societies, which were copied by Asian nations like India and Japan. Drug culture and hippism overtook moral decency in the decade of 70’s. Tobacco and opium became part of the drug culture.




 The Long Term Planning




The Long Term Plan was designed to change the entire world. Unparalleled power was assigned to Star power, and unlimited resources to demolish and disrupt the opponents were assigned. Attempts were made to change the Jewish-Christianity clash to a Christianity-Islam war. Continuous frightening was made a part of Star power which pressured the USA President constantly. Under this plan, L.B. Jhonson, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Regan and George W. Bush were frightened and harassed.


Immense resources of USA were diverted to lunar exploration, inter-planetary exploration, inter-stellar exploration and intergalactic exploration. Reconstruction and disruption were also introduced.


Two new centers for star power were introduced: China and New Europe. It was decided to demolish USA and the Soviet Union, and this plan is already showing results.


Now they will try to set Christendom against the Muslim Ummah although it is not an intending foe and has little preparations for war. For this purpose, more than 100,000 books and periodicals were published and more than one million are still unpublished.


Muslims should read each and every publication from Henri Kissinger and reach out for his original books as well as the analysis of his works by experts such as John Ehrlichman to get a good idea of the planning of the star power.


A list of books by Henri Kissinger is:


  1. A World Restored and Problems of Peace
  2. Nuclear Weapons & Foreign Policy
  3. The Necessity for Choice
  4. The Troubled Partnership
  5. Problems of National Strategy
  6. American Foreign Policy
  7. The White House Years


There are other important books written by Francis Fukuyama & Karl Segan as well.




What Could be Done to Minimize the Damage?


 Janab Asrar Alam has presented some suggestions to minimize the damage to Ummah, planned by star power:




  • Keep a reliable printed copy of the holy Quran and avoid reading/listening Quran from CDs or tapes. Star power can change the computerized version with a few commands.
  • Never listen to the computer CDs for tilawat. Only listen to live transmission of a human recitation, not a recorded one!




  • Avoid eating and drinking famous brands and mass produced foods & drinks. Buy from your local bakery or meat shop which you know well.
  • Make many teams of first aid and medical help for helping the victims of attack by star power and its controlled leadership.
  • Make underground hospitals and clinics for fellow Muslims.
  • Keep stock of food for a few months for emergencies.
  • Make 5 types of teams for damage control namely:


  1. Medical
  2. Disaster control for famine, flood, earthquake and accident
  3. Riots & Disturbances
  4. Conventional war time
  5. Chemical
  6. Germs
  7. Nuclear
  8. Biological
  9. Physical – Electrical
  10. Physiological
  11. Psychological – Trauma management




  • Salvage & Rescue


Teams for salvage & Rescue from:


Flood, earthquake, accidents, riots, chemical, germs, nuclear and injuries from weapons of war.


Experts of food and milk and fruit and fish production.


                 Logistical teams for:








                        Teams to rescue besieged, lost, displaced and scattered individuals.


                  These teams should be made self-sufficient with respect to finance, equipment, specialization and specific capability.


                  Such teams should be organized:


  • Locally
  • District-wise
  • Provincial-wise
  • National
  • Regional
  • International
  • Global




These teams should be organized with excellent organizational skills. They should be able to act swiftly and have mobility, expertise and specializations.


      • A small group laced with above skills is better than a large group without these capabilities.
      • A small group with patience is better than a large group without patience and steadfastness. For example in a rescue group, people who know how to take out people alive from debris of a building.
      • Groups who can identify genetically modified cows or sheep or genetically changed fruits and grains. Groups that can identify Synthetic Nano-particles included in the foods.


                     The Ummah will need, in next ten years, a task force of approximately 500,000 in special tasks. This does not include specialists in maternity and child care.                                                    






About Muhammad Javed Iqbal Kaleem

A Reading, writing hobbyist. Like to exchange views so that informed decisions are made possible and the persistent false propaganda of the powers that be could be countered. I am a great believer in collective conscience of humanity as mankind has been bestowed with the capability to distinguish between good and bad. I am open to new views and ideas.
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