A general critique of Pakistani women fiction writers

If they were not aware of teachings of holy Quran and belonged to India, where wealth is worshiped as ‘Laxmi devi’, I would have no complaints against them. But they are educated ladies of Pakistan and every educated person must have read Quran or heard it from her/his parents that: “ Life of this world is nothing but a temporary provision”:
وما الحیات الدنیا الا متاع الغرور”
As a traveler Muslims should take only essential luggage for their life journey. But all their heroes are not only very rich, but are also tall and handsome, as if height has anything to do with sexual strength! They live in large villas decorated with lawns and drive high brand cars like Mercedes and BMWs. They have perhaps no idea that 40% population of Pakistan is so destitute that it cannot put three or even 2 meals on the table. How can anyone even infer that ideal hero of Muslims is prophet Muhammad(saw) who was of average height and built. It is not the body but the determination of heart, that matters. Given a vast Sahara of 1.2 million square miles, he changed not only attitudes and likes of its people, but also their inclinations and habits. No wonder, he was crowned with the title of the most influential man in history of mankind.
In fact women fiction writers are not only weaving dreams for common girls of the society, but also are creating a sense of competition in the society. If x has that why not y should try to get it, no matter how hard it is for him. Prophet Muhammad (saw) has said : How stupid is the man who sells his hereinafter (which is permanent) for life of this world (which is temporary). Every corrupt man says he is not doing it for himself but for his family. We can see examples of such characters in Mian Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari. No wonder governments of Pakistan have become governments of the rich, by the rich for the rich. Hazrat Ali RA has clearly said: heaps of wealth are not accumulated unless usurpation of the rights of people.
But our women fiction writers keep provoking greed and lust in the society where people commit suicides for not being able to feed their children. More money, more clothes and more accessories! Nobody insists for better utilization of resources, avoiding waste. Why not Allamah Iqbal, Quaede Azam and Abdul Sattar Edhi become their role models. There are also pious widows in the society who have opened cheap, almost free restaurants in poor neighborhoods, where hungry men and women and children are served free meals.
There is hardly a woman writer who has not mentioned Indian movies. They shamelessly admit having seen those and hardly ever hesitate to mention them. I have never seen any Indian movie or drama, ever since I came to Pakistan. An independent nation has its own culture, its pros and cons if it is really independent! Did we offer so many sacrifices for a separate homeland to read such shameless novels. Men writers have a desire to offer sacrifices to win the women of their choice. But what women writers have to offer, except beauty and attraction of women?
Muhammad Javed Kaleem


About Muhammad Javed Iqbal Kaleem

A Reading, writing hobbyist. Like to exchange views so that informed decisions are made possible and the persistent false propaganda of the powers that be could be countered. I am a great believer in collective conscience of humanity as mankind has been bestowed with the capability to distinguish between good and bad. I am open to new views and ideas.
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